I’ve spent most of this week completing admin work, like setting up this site and adding these devlogs to document my progress. Navigating WordPress was initially confusing, but I’ve quickly gotten to grips with it and am pleased with how the site is coming together. I’ve utilised the Inspiro Template that WordPress offers, and have found it’s given a clean result for my site.

I’ve also started creating more rooms for my game, organising them and making sure the player can move neatly from one room to the next. This took a little refresher and some reorganisation of the previous rooms I’ve made, but I quickly got all rooms organised and matching the layout illustrated in my map concept.

Finally, I’ve begun testing the assets I’ve created for the blighted version of the forest environment. I’ve created 2 of the same room to show these off. I’m quite fond of the darker, duller feel of the blighted version, and feel that the contrast between that state and the healed version makes restoring the world a reward in itself.

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