This week has been pretty hectic, leaving me with little time to continue working on my project. I’ve had to make a couple medical visits, and the GDA class also had a trip to Two Point Studios which took up a day of my time, too. However, I’m glad I went, as it was a great opportunity to speak to industry professionals who have released 2 games so far in their studio’s career. In particular, Luke Finlay-Maxwell, a Senior Games Designer at Two Point, gave me a lot of reassuring thoughts about the troubles I’ve been having recently with the project. I’ve come out from that trip reinvigorated to continue working and improving on my project.

I’ve also taken a lot of time to complete my essays for our Playful Thinking module. This ended up taking a good chunk of my time, but I’ve completed both pieces of writing to a standard that I am pleased with, and am now ready to continue working on my project.

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