For the majority of this week, I’ve been continuing trying to implement player respawn and discussing with Maddi what the potential issue could be, and it’s unfortunate that I’ve been unable to implement this functionality. With a little over a month of development left, I’m definitely starting to feel the pressure and my lack of skill within games development. However, I can only waste so much time, and so I’ve decided it’ll be best for me to play to my strengths and work on the design, and most importantly to me, the art, of the game.

So, for the remaining time spent this week, I have been working on creating the base layouts for the different levels of the Forest environment of my game, up to the boss room, or Room 24 from my map in the previous post.

In addition to this, I’ve also created a few more assets to start implementing into these levels. Of note are the tile assets, which I think have made the levels I have currently seem off, as the floors just consist of a giant black square, which is in stark contrast to the vibrant greenery of the surrounding area.

As mentioned previously, I’ve dedicated a large amount of time to trying to code in a feature that ultimately hasn’t worked, and so I’ve been set back a bit in terms of my work. However, I’m looking forward to diving back into the art side of development, and hope to make more progress in terms of the look and feel of my work next week.

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