Following the issue I had with the first batch of player sprites I made last week, I’ve had to create some new sprites to use for the player character. As an extra precaution, because the quality of the first sprites wasn’t amazing, I’ve increased the file size of these sprites to about 4x what they were originally. Each of these sprites is 1000×1500 pixels. This should help the sprites retain their quality when being imported into Unity.

Played back, I’m actually quite proud of how this animation has turned out. For my second animation in I can’t even remember how long, I think there’s a decent amount of fluidity in the player’s movement. The hair particularly, being made of water, turned out better than I thought it would during production. Things are still a bit jumpy; the feet particularly stand out, but the sprite will be relatively small, and so this shouldn’t be too noticeable or distracting.

Following this tutorial by Brackeys, I was able to start implementing my animation into Unity. Originally the animation was too big, and it wasn’t lining up correctly with the player object in Unity. However, sources on the internet suggested creating an empty parent object to attach the player object to, and then scale the parent object to change the scale of the animation, and this worked with a little effort. Below you can see how the animation is running in Unity currently. I’m very happy with this progress, considering I wasn’t confident in how my ventures into animation would go in this project. My next steps will be to look at my enemy designs and start creating animations for those, as well as the logic and code. I’m aware it would be good to create an idle animation, and also a jump animation for my player, but I feel those can wait until I’m done adding some more functionality into my game.

Whilst animation is fresh in my mind, I’ve been working on creating some simple animations for my enemy designs in the Unity animation editor. These were very simple to make, which is good for development since I’m coming to the end of development. With animations, as well as functionality done, I’m going to start work on populating my levels so there’s more challenge for the players to overcome.

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